India vs England 2nd Test, Day 2 Highlights: India 28/0, leading by 171 runs as Jasprit Bumrah demonstrates exceptional skill

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India vs England 2nd Test, Day 2 Highlights: Jasprit Bumrah has made a remarkable mark in cricket history with his outstanding performance. His achievement of taking six wickets in the second Test against England at the ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium not only broke down the English batting lineup but also established him as the quickest Indian fast bowler to achieve 150 Test wickets.

Jasprit Bumrah's Six-Wicket Haul
Jasprit Bumrah’s Six-Wicket Haul

Jasprit Bumrah’s Six-Wicket Haul

Jasprit Bumrah’s performance against England was remarkable. His precise seam bowling, especially the stunning dismissal of Ben Stokes, not only highlighted his skill but also his ability to dominate the game. With England all out for 253, they now face a difficult task against India’s strong lead.

Youngest Double Centurions: Yashasvi Jaiswal’s Brilliance

On Day 2, Yashasvi Jaiswal captured everyone’s attention by becoming one of India’s youngest double centurions. His exceptional performance, along with Bumrah’s aggressive pace attack, established India’s dominance in the match.

Day 2 Overview

After leading by 171 runs on Day 1, India took advantage of the limited time they had to bat, ending the day at 28/0 and extending their lead by 143 runs. Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal’s batting excellence left England struggling to hold back India’s charge.

India’s Commanding Position

Despite initial doubts about India’s total of 396 runs, Bumrah’s incredible bowling shifted the momentum. India is now in a strong position to set a challenging target for England, thanks to Bumrah’s strategic breakdown of the English batting lineup.

Bumrah’s Impact on England’s Second Innings

In the second innings, Bumrah continued his pursuit of wickets, reinforcing India’s advantage. His important dismissals, including Ben Stokes, demonstrated not just his skill but his game control. England, now all out for 253, faces an uphill challenge against India’s lead.

Bumrah’s Milestone: 150 Test Wickets

A major highlight was Bumrah reaching 150 Test wickets, becoming the fastest Indian pacer to achieve this. His bowling, capable of swinging the ball effectively against England’s lineup, was a spectacle.

Shift in Narrative: India’s Dominance

Addressing initial doubts over India’s run total, Bumrah’s performance has significantly changed the outlook. India is now in a strong position to set a massive target for England.

Moving Day and Lessons from the First Test

With the match moving to Day 3, known as moving day in Test cricket, India remains wary of England’s potential comeback. The first Test was a reminder of England’s resilience, prompting India to strategize carefully for Day 3.

Day 3 Anticipation

As we look forward to Day 3, the direction of this Test match remains highly anticipated. The upcoming performance of the teams and possible game-changing moments add to the excitement.

Potential Challenges for England

England faces tough challenges ahead, made more daunting by Bumrah’s exceptional performance. Their path to a comeback appears strenuous.

Strategic Approach for Day 3

India’s strategy for Day 3 will be crucial. Holding a dominant position, they must not underestimate England’s resilience and aim for strategic precision to secure a win.

Crucial Moments: Turning Points in the Test Match

Reflecting on the match’s defining moments, Bumrah’s contributions emerge as pivotal in favoring India. These moments significantly influence the match’s narrative and outcome.

Fan Reactions and Social Media Buzz

Incorporating fan reactions and the buzz on social media about Bumrah’s performance introduces an engaging aspect. Shared memorable moments by cricket fans enhance the excitement and discussion around the Test match.


To summarize, Day 2 of the 2nd Test between India and England was highlighted by Jasprit Bumrah’s outstanding performance, putting India in a commanding position. The combination of relentless pace and strong batting displays presents England with a significant challenge. As Day 3 approaches, the unfolding narrative of this Test match continues to grip cricket enthusiasts.

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