Is the Virat Kohli-Puma partnership over? A Fact Check with Explanation Provided

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The most recent information about Virat Kohli’s possible withdrawal from the Puma deal has emerged in the ongoing drama.

As rumors circulated that the famed Indian batter Virat Kohli might break away from the multinational company after eight years of partnership, questions about Kohli’s relationship with Puma surfaced.

Puma and Kohli have a long history together; their partnership began in 2017 with an investment of Rs 110 crore. According to reports, the Indian celebrity was set to become a brand ambassador for Agilitas Sports.

Puma India MD: Virat Kohli is expected to remain with Puma

However, a statement from the German sportswear company Puma on Wednesday said that the company is still in close contact with Indian cricket player Virat Kohli and that they are well-tied.

Virat Kohli and PUMA have a long-standing and ongoing relationship, according to PUMA India’s managing director, Karthik Balagopalan.

PUMA and Virat Kohli: The Enduring Partnership

Puma India and Kohli first connected in 2017 when the company signed a historic contract with the sensational cricket player. In addition to cementing Kohli’s position as a brand ambassador, this ground-breaking deal catapulted him into the annals of sports marketing history.

As part of the deal, Kohli’s apparel company, One8, and Puma entered into an exclusive licensing agreement. One8 will manage product development, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing.

It is important to recognize the significance of this collaboration, as Kohli became the first athlete from India to sign a brand endorsement contract worth more than Rs 100 crore. An annual fixed payout of between Rs 12 and 14 crore made up a sizable portion of this deal, highlighting Kohli’s enormous value as a brand ambassador.

Recent events gave rise to rumors about Kohli’s possible partnership with Agilitas Sports Pvt Ltd, a new athleisure and sportswear company run by Abhishek Ganguly, the managing director of Puma India. Ganguly previously collaborated closely with Kohli, which increased the likelihood of him moving to Agilitas Sports. Agilitas Sports was founded in May 2023 and has since attracted attention from the industry.

Yet, since Kohli is still affiliated with Puma, all of the conjecture has turned out to be unimportant.

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