India vs. Bangladesh Pitch Report Match 17, ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

India vs. Bangladesh Pitch Report Match 17: Get the lowdown on the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium pitch for the India vs. Bangladesh clash in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Will Pune favor the team batting first? Find out here.

India vs. Bangladesh: A World Cup Showdown

The excitement is palpable as India gears up to face Bangladesh in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Pune, with its storied cricket history, will play host to this thrilling encounter on Thursday, October 19. India’s journey in the tournament has been eventful, to say the least, and their clash against Bangladesh is set to be a pivotal moment in their quest for World Cup glory.

India’s Rise in the World Cup

India enters this match as one of the favorites, thanks to a comprehensive victory against arch-rivals Pakistan. With New Zealand hot on their heels, another win could see India knocking on the semifinals’ doors. Their performances have been steadily getting better throughout their journey so far, but can they maintain the momentum in Pune?

Bangladesh’s Struggles

On the other hand, Bangladesh is coming off two consecutive losses, having fallen to both England and New Zealand. Their performance in the upcoming match is crucial to their World Cup aspirations. Can they turn the tide and get back in the game?

Pune’s Changing Pitches: A World Cup Enigma

The pitches on which India has played in this World Cup have shown an intriguing evolution. As the matches have progressed, they have gradually become more favorable to the batting side. Delhi and Ahmedabad saw India chasing down targets without much difficulty. The Chennai match against Australia, however, presented a different challenge, with Indian batters starting poorly but recovering well thanks to the middle-order brilliance of Virat Kohli and KL Rahul.

What to Expect in Pune

But what can we expect from the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune? Will it favor the batsmen or the bowlers? Let’s dive into the pitch report for this crucial encounter.

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune Pitch Report

The surface at the MCA Stadium in Pune has a reputation for being a good one, and this is reflected in the performances we’ve seen in the previous seven ODIs held at this venue. Out of these seven matches, five of them witnessed the first inning score crossing the 300-run mark, indicating that batting has often been a pleasant experience for the teams.

However, this isn’t the whole story. Only twice out of those seven matches has a chase been successful, revealing that the pitch can have a different character as the game progresses. Pune’s open stadium design means that the ball tends to fly, but the presence of a breeze provides early assistance to the pace bowlers, particularly in the evening.

The Advantage of Batting First

In light of these conditions, it’s safe to say that batting first is the preferable choice in Pune. If a team gets off to a good start, the batters can capitalize on the conditions and post a substantial total. Chasing, on the other hand, is not the easiest task at this venue.

With this in mind, India faces a crucial decision regarding their team composition for this match.

Team Composition Dilemma

Considering the number of left-handers in the Bangladesh line-up, Team India may lean towards adding off-spinner R. Ashwin to the side. The combination of two spinners and four pacers, including the dynamic Hardik Pandya, is a potent attack, but Ashwin’s inclusion may provide an edge.

If the team sticks with the two-spinner, four-pacer combination, they might consider bringing in Mohammed Shami in place of Shardul Thakur. Shami’s ability to bowl upfront and extract assistance from the pitch due to his upright seam may prove valuable.

However, the likelihood of Ashwin replacing Shardul is high, given the conditions and the advantage he can bring to the team.

Latest Cricket News

Before we wrap up, let’s take a look at the latest cricket news surrounding this highly anticipated clash between India and Bangladesh. Stay tuned for more updates as the World Cup drama unfolds.


1. Who won the previous match between India and Bangladesh in the World Cup 2023?

  • India emerged victorious in their previous encounter, defeating arch-rival Pakistan.

2. How have the pitches in this World Cup evolved over the matches?

  • The pitches have become more favorable for batting as the tournament has progressed, with higher first-inning scores.

3. What is the key factor to consider when choosing whether to bat or bowl first in Pune?

  • Pune’s open stadium design and early assistance for pace bowlers make batting first the preferred choice.

4. Why might Team India consider including R Ashwin in the playing XI?

  • Ashwin’s off-spin could be effective against the left-handers in the Bangladesh line-up.

5. Who is the top performer for India in the middle order in the World Cup?

  • Virat Kohli and KL Rahul have been key contributors in the middle order for India.

In conclusion, the India vs. Bangladesh match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 promises to be a thrilling encounter. Pune’s pitch, with its unique characteristics, adds an extra layer of complexity to the game. Will India continue their winning streak, or will Bangladesh make a comeback? The answer lies in the hands of the players on the field, and cricket fans around the world eagerly await the outcome.

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