Best Cricket Betting App in India

Best Cricket Betting App in India: Indians are born with cricket at heart! How about making money from this hobby? Here, you will learn the best ways to have fun and profit from betting on cricket. In the list below, you will find your online cricket betting app. Choose your favorite and make a good cricket bet!

What is the best bookmaker for cricket?

Here are the best online cricket bookmakers – each one is here for a special reason. See which one suits you and your needs best!

1xbet: Best odds

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Best Cricket Betting App in India: 1xbet does their best to offer the most competitive odds when it comes to cricket betting. Their strategy of sticking to one of the lowest profit margins on the market allows them to offer extremely favorable odds that competitors can only replicate with a higher profit margin adjustment.

Because of this, 1xbet does not offer many bonuses and promotions. The most important thing for them is to offer the most attractive odds for cricket betting. Not for nothing the bookmaker also belongs to the number of bookmakers taking big bets, giving preference to good bettors who know what they are betting on and often win.

Dafabet: variety of games

Dafabet offers over 700 different leagues in various sports – and cricket betting will be no different! Especially when it comes to Indian cricket, Dafabet covers T20 and IPL perfectly.

22bet: more generous bonuses

Best Cricket Betting App in India: Sometimes all a person lacks to get started in the world of cricket betting is a fat and generous welcome bonus! If that’s what you’re looking for, 22bet is the right choice. With the best bonus on the market, the bookmaker has a great structure that never lets the bettor down: you can always count on statistical data, result files and other necessary information to make the most informed bet.

What to consider when betting on cricket

In cricket betting, as with other sports betting, it’s important to consider which online bookmakers offer the best terms to suit your needs. In addition to attractive odds, other factors should be evaluated when choosing a bookmaker. Consider:

  • Security: it goes without saying that when dealing with money, we think about security. Bookmakers are traditional and have been in the national and international market for years. So rest assured. None of these operators will disappear with your money.
  • Deposit methods: there are several ways to bet on cricket, but first you will need to make a deposit into your account. Therefore, it is important to choose an online bookmaker that offers the widest choice of deposit and withdrawal methods to make your life as a bettor easier. In cricket betting, the most popular payment methods among players are UPI.
  • Transaction time: once you choose your deposit method, keep in mind that it directly affects the transaction time of the betting app. This means that credit card-only apps can take up to three business days to confirm a deposit, while UPI betting apps can be instant. Once the money is in the account registered on the bookmaker’s app, you can make your guesses at any time.
  • Starting Bonus: To encourage and attract bettors, bookmakers usually offer cash bonuses for first time depositors. However, betting apps often run promotions and offer incentives to retain their players. Be on the lookout!

Payment Methods

Choosing the best cricket betting app also has to do with the payment options offered. When you sign up for one of these online cricket betting apps, you will be able to review the options offered and choose the one that suits you best. The most common ones are credit card, bank card, bank transfer and e-wallets – some apps even allow you to bet on cricket with UPI, such as Betsson and Linebet.

Before making your first transaction, it’s also interesting to familiarize yourself with the security policies of your personal and banking data on the chosen platform. So familiarize yourself with the terms of use and privacy policy.

When you have chosen a cricket betting app and payment method, you will need to put some money into your account to be able to place sports bets. Another attraction when choosing the best cricket betting app is the welcome bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

What if there was a way to get free cricket bets? Then check out the bonuses offered by some bookmakers! When you start researching the markets of the best cricket bookmakers for your game, you will find that they provide bonuses. Bonuses are an incentive for experienced players and attract new players.

Usually when you sign up for a cricket betting app, you are offered a bonus on your first deposit. Basically, this means that you have more money than you deposited, provided to you by the app itself, to place cricket bets. For example, a 100% bonus means that any amount deposited will be doubled (up to the limit offered by the bookmaker)! Sometimes you can make a bet that becomes free.

And to make sure you’re using a reliable cricket betting app, read the bookmaker’s rules and privacy policy carefully.

Cricket: the basics of betting

To bet on cricket, you first have to choose a league. You can bet on the IPL or almost any other league in the world. Whether it’s the Cricket World Cup, betting apps offer a much more professional version of our classic Cup Predictor.

You can also profit from many other championships around the world. It’s important to remember that your chances of winning a bet increase considerably if you already know about the teams and competitions. When it comes to cricket betting, there are three options that are the most common and most recommended for beginners. These are also the most common betting options for many other sports.

  • Moneyline: classic intuition. You only need to choose one result of the match. A win for team A, a win for team B or a draw.
  • Total goals: Also known as plus/minus, this type of bet aims to match the number of goals in the match. It does not matter which team wins or loses.
  • Future bets: in this cricket betting market, you will be looking to predict the winner of the league. The odds on future bets usually change as the contest progresses, which makes cricket betting even more exciting.

Betting strategies and tips

Now that we’ve explained how the markets work on the major cricket betting apps and what the bonuses are, and how they can even be a free bet, here are some tips:

  • Use a reputable and reliable bookmaker to bet on cricket. You may not choose all the best bookmakers, but the one that suits you best.
  • Study a lot of information about the teams involved to make a responsible bet.
  • Adjust your strategy depending on the circumstances. Different cricket leagues work differently with each other, resulting in different cricket bets.
  • Keep an eye out for free bets published by cricket betting experts.


How do I bet on cricket?

To start betting on cricket, you first need to choose which league you are going to bet on.

What’s the best app for cricket betting?

The best app to place cricket bets is the one that best meets your expectations and knowledge of sports betting. You don’t need the bookmaker that is right for you to be the best in every way. In fact, you need to determine what is important to you! Learn more about betting apps.

What are the most common betting options for cricket?

There are three basic options suitable for any sport: Moneyline (betting on who will win), Point Spread (point spread) and Total (plus/minus). 

How do online cricket betting payouts work?

The most common payment methods for cricket betting are UPI, credit card, e-wallets and bank transfer.

How do bookmaker bonuses work?

Welcome bonuses are incentives that bookmakers offer to attract new players and encourage experienced players. Depending on the bonus offered by the bookmaker of your choice, you can multiply the amount of your bet many times by placing a bigger bet than you originally planned.